Imagen Proyecto Let It Shine

Let It Shine

A talent show website, developed with HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.


In today's world, technology plays a crucial role in organizing events and activities. In this regard, I would like to share my experience in creating a website in collaboration with another programmer for a talent show event.

This project involved the development of a website where participants could register for the event. The idea originated from a group of students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Entertainment Business Administration (LANCE in Spanish) who wanted to organize a talent competition as their final project in school. To bring this project to life, we utilized various technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, and SCSS, following the Model View Controller architecture.

The website we created allowed participants to easily register for the competition. Additionally, the platform featured a database where all participant records were stored. This database enabled event organizers to have full control over participants and effectively track the registration process.

The website also included an admin section with authentication. This section allowed event organizers to manage participant registrations and maintain complete control over the registration process. Furthermore, it facilitated communication with participants by enabling organizers to send emails informing them about event dates and schedules.

In summary, this project was a rewarding experience for me as it allowed me to apply my programming and technology skills to assist a group of students in organizing their event. It also helped me develop and enhance my teamwork abilities. The creation of this website enables participants to easily register for the competition while providing event organizers with complete control over the registration process. Undoubtedly, technology is a fundamental tool in organizing events and activities in today's world.