Imagen Proyecto Bienes Raíces

Bienes Raíces

Platform website developed of Real Estate using Node.js, MySQL, and TailwindCSS.


I am pleased to present to you my project, a prototype real estate website that provides people with the opportunity to effectively advertise and sell their properties.

This platform offers users a simple and convenient way to publish their property sale ads. To get started, users must create an account, which will allow them to access all the functionalities and benefits offered.

The project was developed using modern and robust technologies. I used Node.js with Express as the main framework, which allowed me to build a fast and efficient web application. Additionally, I used Tailwind CSS for design and visual appearance, ensuring an attractive and pleasant user experience.

For handling client-side logic, I used JavaScript, taking full advantage of its versatility and potential. Furthermore, I implemented Pug as the template engine, allowing for dynamic and customized views for users.

Regarding the database, I opted for MySQL due to its reliability and scalability. I used this database to store all data related to users and advertised properties, providing a secure and reliable system for users.

It is important to mention that this project was developed following an online course. Through this course, I acquired the necessary knowledge to build a solid and functional real estate platform. However, I have made some additional modifications and improvements to adapt it to my own needs and requirements.

In summary, my project is a real estate website that offers people the possibility of effectively advertising and selling their properties. It is developed in Node.js with Express, using Tailwind CSS, Webpack, JavaScript, and Pug as the template engine. The database used is MySQL. All of this was made possible thanks to a course on Udemy where I acquired the necessary knowledge to carry out this project.