Imagen Proyecto DevWebCamp


Website for a Web Development Bootcamp.


In today's world, technology is a fundamental tool for the development of society and economic growth. In this sense, learning technical skills has become a necessity for many people seeking to improve their job opportunities. With this goal in mind, a website prototype was developed for a Web Development Bootcamp.

The website has a variety of functions that allow users to register for the bootcamp and securely and efficiently make their ticket payment. To achieve this, a combination of technologies such as PHP, Javascript, and SCSS were used. Additionally, a MySQL database was employed to store user information, events, and speakers of the bootcamp.

User registration is one of the most important functions of the website, as it allows those interested in the bootcamp to sign up and reserve their spot at the event. To do this, a registration form was developed that requests basic information such as full name, email address, and password. Once the user completes the form, their information is stored in the database and they are redirected to a confirmation page.

In addition to online registration and payment, the website also provides detailed information about the bootcamp's events and speakers. Users can check the event schedule, meet the speakers, and obtain information about the talks and workshops that will take place.

It is important to mention that the website prototype was developed following a course on Udemy, so it is an initial phase prototype. However, it is expected that in the future new features and improvements can be added to offer an even more complete and satisfying experience and can be applied to a real case.

In conclusion, the website prototype for a Web Development Bootcamp is a useful and efficient tool for those interested in learning technical skills and improving their job opportunities. With a combination of technologies such as PHP, Javascript, and SCSS, as well as a MySQL database, a secure and easy-to-use website was created that allows users to register and pay online, as well as obtain detailed information about the bootcamp's events and speakers.